When Herring met Noodles

Now I’m obviously going crazy with new posts. This time it’s because I thought that maybe if I write a blog post It’ll be easier to write my boring school assignments afterwards.

I posted this recipe on facebook earlier this autumn (or at least I think I did). It’s an odd creature really, combining stereotypical Thai noodle wok stuff with one of the most Swedish fish there are – the Atlantic Herring. Half the towns along the west coast of Sweden were founded because of herring alone and pickled it’s an important part of any seasonal feast.

In hindsight, this dish is quite all right when eaten fresh from the pans. It doesn’t work as well in next day’s lunch box.

Ingredients: Button mushrooms, egg noodles, coconut milk, half an onion, banana shallot, flour mixed with salt, lemon pepper and powdered garlic, filleted herring, thai curry powder with turmeric and kaffir lime leaves, green chili, ginger, garlic, carrot.

First, skin the herring fillets, and dip them good and proper in the flour mix.

Vegetables chopped. Grated the carrots to save time.

Also good to run a hot bath for the noodles about now.

Stir fry anything not liquid, noodly or fish.

Fry the fillets separately. I used a really small pan in order to reduce the needed amount of oil.

Probably a good idea to get rid of some excess fat.

Blending all of it, including coconut milk. It would probably actually have been nicer not to mix the herring with the wok.

Hey, look! A slice of cucumber.


2 Responses to “When Herring met Noodles”

  1. […] the actual dish I’d got some herring fillets cheap the other day, so decided to go with this recipe just excluding the lemon pepper and powdered garlic. I also kept the herring completely separate […]

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