Sausage and rice jumble with tortilla crackers

Today’s post is really two recipes, because that’s how stuff happened when I took the pictures. The ‘jumble’ approach to food might have another more proper name, but I haven’t heard of it. A jumble, to me, is a dish where various stuff gets thrown together with some rice, but without being distinctly Asian in flavour.

This particular jumble, as is often the case, is done with discount sausages (one of my primary sources of protein evidently) and some broccoli and cauliflower liberated from a bag of mixed frozen vegetables. To accompany the jumble I made seasoned crackers from tortillas left over from when I made quesadillas for NYE. I didn’t have time for an ingredient lineup shot, so if you don’t have everything at home, make it up as you go along.

First, fry the raw rice in a splash of oil along with a stock cube and some powdered garlic.

Cut tortillas into strips, brush with oil on both sides and season. I used flake salt, sesame seeds, tarragon and black pepper. Put in oven until slightly brown and brittle.

Meanwhile, the rice has fried enough and boiling water is added.

Crackers done, doesn’t take very long. It’s probably a good idea to adjust the seasoning so it matches the food the crackers are supposed to accompany. They’re also good as snacks on their own of course.

Broccoli and cauliflower, cut into smaller pieces and popped in a pan. It’s not a lot, but I was only cooking two servings.

Enter sausage. I’m using Käsekrainer (that is, sausages with cheese in them) but any sausage, or whatever meat you have, is good too.

Add the rice that should be done by now and some grated cheese. Lower the heat so the rice doesn’t stick or burn while the cheese melts somewhat. (The cheese was of course also left over from the new year’s quesadillas). Also, this is obviously a job for liberal amounts of black pepper.

And there we have it. Not too pretty, but certainly tasty. Next time I’ll do something without discount sausages, I promise.


8 Responses to “Sausage and rice jumble with tortilla crackers”

  1. Reminiscent of jambalaya.

    • Hmm, you’re right! Both in name and appearance. But for my dish to be a more proper jambalaya it should at least contain onion, celery and green pepper. When I made this I was out of onions and my girlfriend doesn’t approve of neither celery nor green peppers, so I rarely buy them :)

  2. In my defense the large stash of onions we had been living off for a few months had finally gone bad, so I was used to always having onions at home and was flabbergasted mid cooking :)

    She objects heartily to the taste of celery and has wrinkled her nose at dishes with even the merest hint of celery salt and I don’t buy tuna in any form. Green peppers on pizza are probably OK, but we only ever see that at Pizza Hut.

    • …only ever at Pizza Hut…?
      This doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement.

      • No typical Swedish pizza recipes include peppers, so we only encounter pizza with peppers were American style pizza is served and the only chain that has managed to get a hold here is Pizza Hut. Domino’s supposedly tried to establish some ten years ago but failed within a year.

        I like pizza with peppers, I just eat it very seldom.

  3. Pizza is so easy to do at home, even starting
    from scratch with the dough. You’d just have to
    sneak the green peppers in before your girlfriend
    saw them.

  4. we make our own pizza every now and then, but peppers aren’t important enough to me to be sneaky about. As long as it has mozzarella and/or bacon I’m satisfied :)

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