Rocket Soup (begin downcount)

A few months back I sat thinking about soups made with various green leaf vegetables and decided that I’d try to make soup out of rocket (also known as arugula, roquette, or rucola in various parts of the world). The project seemed a bit absurd, so I assumed that I was blazing culinary trail, but googling about while editing the pictures for this post I found recipes dating as far back as 1996, so it turns out I wasn’t as much of a pioneer as I thought. Enough intro, let’s get on with the food!

rocket soup ingredient lineup

This time I planned ahead and managed an ingredient lineup. Also included some equipment. Potato, onion, vegetable stock, carrot, garlic, white wine, rocket, milk (or cream).

Giving carrot, onion and garlic a quick sizzle along with just about every herb in the cupboard. Thyme, sage, basil, oregano, tarragon, marjoram and parsley. Also some bay leaves, white peppercorns and a small pinch of caraway seeds.

Adding rocket and diced taters.

Water, stock and wine added. Boil until fairly mushy. It should be noted that adding the rocket this early will turn the final product more or less breen (the colour roaming the murky depths between green and brown). Since it is edible raw it’s better to add it as late in the process as possible.

Now you know what breen looks like. Those of a rustic persuasion would probably prefer it served liked this, but since we’re not just cooking but cuisining here, there are a few more steps.

Here’s the soup post-op (the operation being 5-10 minutes stiff work with a hand blender) with milk added. It’s also salt and pepper time. To be fair, adding milk turns the concoction slightly less breen, but it’s still not all that elegant…

A serving suggestion – a dollop of sour cream, some julienned carrot, a sprinkle of parsley and flake salt (or why not persillade?) and a cheese sandwich. Cheap, healthy and easy to make! In fact, I think the total cost for four main course-sized helpings amounted to around SEK 25 provided you have a drop of wine already and don’t need a whole new bottle.


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