Chinese Beef Stew – a relapse into Asia

I seem to recall that I’ve hinted about making too much ‘Asian’ food (it was probably the herring), but yesterday I watched Kung Fu Panda for the first time which left me with a hankering.

Chinese food in Sweden is basically one man’s wo(r)k since almost all the Chinese restaurants I’ve visited in Sweden copied their menu from the first one, opened in Gothenburg 1961. As a result, Swedish Chinese food is probably a whole lot blander than the Guangdong kitchens it originated in. My recipe today aims to draw the best from the Swedish Chinese food culture and add a bit of me to the mix.

Ingredients! Beef, mushrooms, leek, carrot, red cabbage. There’s other stuff too, but I didn’t put it in the picture because I had done a lot of stuff already when I decided to take photos. The beef has been marinated in a mixture of soy, white wine, oil, garlic and powdered chili.

Rice is already done. Meat, shroom and carrot is sizzling away and the small pot holds a broth made from beef stock cube and the marinade.

Broth goes in pan to simmer along for a while. Even though I cut the meat rather thin, round steak is a tough cut of beef and would probably not have objected to a longer (upwards of 30 minutes) simmer on its own. The leeks should be popped in at last minute to achieve heat but not sog.

Since the lady I love has Views on the edibility of red cabbage I blanched it separately in the rest of the broth, instead of adding it to the pan.

To thicken the fluids, add some arrowroot dissolved in cold water and bring to boil again.

The completed dish. With a more tender cut of beef it can be done inside 15 minutes (the time it takes to cook rice). Also keep in mind that the red cabbage will stain everything purple, so use dark soy for better color if you’re going to copy the recipe straight up. I’m not up to date on how common red cabbage is in China, but the green variety is probably more widespread.


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