Pasta with mushrooms and cheeses

50% discounts in the cheese section determined yesterday’s dinner. Didn’t feel inclined to do something too complicated after the relatively time consuming adventures of previous post. Today’s dish took just over six minutes to make (the pasta cooking time) unless you count the extra time needed to bring the water to boil.

Sautéing onions, garlic and mushrooms, then adding smoked ham (also discount) and some white wine.

The main characters of today’s post. Raclette and  Parmesan. The proper way to eat Raclette is apparently to heat a huge piece of it by open flame and then scrape the molten part onto a plate (which I’m sure is pretty awesome). I certainly hope it’s cheaper in the Savoy and Swiss alps because doing that here would mean spending 4-500 SEK on a piece of cheese.

Crème fraîche and cheese added to pan. If I had taken time to grate the Parmesan I would have shaved another couple of minutes off the preparation time since sliced Parmesan melts much slower than similarly sliced Raclette. Be sure to taste and season before eating the cut off Raclette rind (If you intend to do so) because I could taste nothing but Raclette for some time afterwards and had to wing it.

Om nom nom!


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