This looks like fish

Two soup entries in a row? Who would have thought it? These things happen sometimes and are nothing to worry about. We were shopping for dinner a couple of days ago and went through a lot of alternatives until we decided on fish soup as we had seen bags of frozen mixed fish dice (atlantic salmon, european pollock and pangasius (aka river cobbler or basa fish)).

The trusty DSLR was having a bad day, so I managed two pictures of the cooking process before the battery ran out. The files later turned out to be empty. A couple of attempts with phone camera turned out useless, so only the finished dish will be pictured.

First chop shallots, carrots, leek and garlic and sear gently in a pot of ample size. Add fish stock cubes, frozen alaska pollock, white wine, a pinch of dried sage, chili powder and white peppercorns and boiling water. Simmer until everything is soft and then blend it smooth with a hand blender or food processor. Add saffron, cream and more fish (the dice mentioned above) and simmer for two to three minutes more. Turn the heat off and add brined shrimp. Adjust seasoning if necessary and serve with bread and rouille. (although we didn’t bother with making rouille)



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