Sandwich for Lunch

Happened to come across a fairly cheap piece of sirloin around lunchtime, so I decided to try my hand at a steak sandwich. Hardly anything worth posting on a blog? Well, I had to come up with something blogworthy, so the clever thing with my little sandwich is that everything – bread, steak and potato chips – are fried in the same grill pan in rapid succession.

1. Fry a slice of bread. Rub with garlic.

2. Put meat in pan. In the meantime, put onion on bread and whip up a bowl of coleslaw.

3. Remove meat and let rest.

4. Put sliced leftover potatoes in pan just to get a bit of searing. They were already boiled, see.

5. Slice meat and put everything together.

With a bit more thinking beforehand I could have added some more typical steak sandwich ingredients like cheese, mustard or horseradish, but I’m quite happy with the the result.


2 Responses to “Sandwich for Lunch”

  1. Looks fantastic even to a vegetarian. Particularly the cole slaw, one of my favorite ways to eat cabbage.

    • I didn’t go into coleslaw detail in the post, but it’s made with relatively fresh green cabbage (as opposed to the usual stored-since-october stuff and is therefore fit for kings :)

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