Sunday Roast

The Sunday roasts of my childhood weren’t a weekly affair but more irregular. They were always tasty though, apart from the always present brussel sprouts that I didn’t exactly fancy. One of the more typical Swedish roasts is the roast pork neck, served with boiled potatoes, boiled carrots, boiled brussel sprouts, gravy and apple sauce. I’ve always felt that it’s unnecessary to boil your veggies when they can be roasted.

I was in a bit of a hurry, so there wasn’t time for fancy marinades or anything like that, just salt, pepper, barbecue seasoning and a friendly pat to rub it in. I’ve never tied a roast before, but I’ve gathered that it’s beneficial in many ways, so I did. While I waited for my new fancy roast thermometer to sound the alarm for 60 degrees C I parboiled some carrots and potatoes (no brussel sprouts). When 60 was reached, the potatoes and carrots went in the dish along with some spring onions and fresh garlic. Back in the oven until inner temperature had risen to 80 degrees (175 degrees Fahrenheit) to make sure that it was cooked through. It’s not a cut that gets dry or tough when roasted anyway. From tying the roast to eating it in less than an hour. Pretty efficient sunday roast!



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