The Rest of the Roast

So, yesterday we had a Sunday roast and did of course not gobble up over two pounds of pork and a bushel of roast potatoes. As I was thinking about how to use the leftovers for lunch I was overcome with the jones for instant noodles. While I reject the perceived cheapness of instant noodles – the price per kilo is far higher than the price for pasta, eggs etc. (not to mention that they’re full of saturated fat on account of being deep fried) – I do enjoy the taste. Providence ensured that I had already bought spring onions, savoy cabbage, carrots and mushrooms the day before, so I only needed to pick up a bag of ramen.

A few slices of leftover roast, mushrooms, carrot, spring onion (minus bulb, eaten the day before), savoy cabbage and a good old block of instant ramen. This particular one was manufactured by Nissin, which is the company founded by the inventor of instant noodles – Momofuku Ando (1910-2007)

As always when I go down the Asian culinary trail, it’s time for some hack and slash

Carrots are sliced razor thin, onions not so much, savoy cabbage cut to strips, mushrooms sliced and pork neck more or less julienned. The plan behind these different cuts is to fry everything together and still get everything done at the same time. Ramen is also boiled at the same time. (but separately)

When all the stuff in the pan begins to look fairly done, tip the ramen in, water and all, and add the included seasoning. My specimen was beef flavored, but the pork didn’t seem to mind. If you already, like me, have cooked meat on hand, or leave meat out altogether, this dish can be made in less than ten minutes, chopping included. And it’s so much tastier than just microwaving the ramen with noodle soup in mind. In fact, this dish was quite similar to a bowl of ramen I once had in Kuala Lumpur (only they used bok choi instead of savoy cabbage), so I’d say I’m doing something right…



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