The Five Ingredient Lunch

1. Be in a hurry to fix boxed lunch for the next day

2. A couple of days before, buy some discount organic ground lamb and put in freezer.

3. Early the day before, move meat from freezer to fridge with intention of having it for dinner the same night.

4. Have pizza for dinner instead.

5.  While burping pizza, remember that you still need lunch the next day and collect bits and pieces from fridge, freezer and cupboards.

6. Decide to blog the lunch after already having chopped leeks and garlic and fried them quickly together with aforementioned lamb.

7. Put turmeric (doesn’t count as an ingredient) in the rice to make the otherwise potentially drab dish a bit more jolly.

8. Put frozen peas in the rice pot to defrost them a bit faster without frying them hard in the pan.

9. Assemble the whole thing and adjust seasoning. Realize rice is rather al dente but that there’s no time to fix it.

10. Wake up the next morning and discover that you didn’t have classes after all. Tip the lunch box back into the pan, add crème fraîche and let it simmer under lid for some time to soften the rice, then have it for breakfast.

Not only food today, but a slice of life too. Nitpickers will of course claim that the crème fraîche is an ingredient (#6) but by the time I added that the dish had been done with five ingredients for almost twelve hours.


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