Honey/Crowberry-glazed Pork Loin Roast

I do stuff other than cooking blog food actually. This set of pictures have just been in the pipeline for some time. I bought a digital compact camera at a flea market some time ago, which didn’t come with a memory card but sported a bit of internal memory. A couple of minutes after I got home I misplaced the USB-cord and didn’t remember to look for it until yesterday.

Another piece of discount meat had made it into our freezer, this time a pork loin. An excellent opportunity to practice my butcher’s string technique.

There is clearly room for improvement with that string, but I’m getting there. Next I thought about a way to make this little roast a bit more interesting and came up with honey glazing. As the roast was already tied up and the oven hot, I used what we had, which happened to be a small jar of honey mixed with crowberries which had been sitting in the cupboard for well over a year.

Its strange purple colour didn’t necessarily improve the looks of the project, but one has to risk a little sometimes. The wooden sticks are supposed to be an improvised roasting rack, since that’s something this otherwise well equipped kitchen does not yet provide. I’ve never entirely trusted rules of thumb concerning roasting time based on meat size, since every oven is different and there are other things to take into consideration too. A meat thermometer with temperature alarm is an excellent investment.

I know this looks bad, but actually almost isn’t. Were the glaze was thicker it turned very dark without being charred, although some bits were burnt for real. The foremost mistake I made was instead to expect that the meat under the crust would taste of anything else than pork.  Clearly, marinating before glazing or leaving it with the glaze overnight before roasting would be advisable, but those are things that just don’t happen when you start winging it an hour before dinner…

The side dish that day was apparently rice with fried onions and carrots, always a good alternative if you think plain rice is boring. I attempted some kind of gravy with the glaze, if only for decorative purposes, but it doesn’t look very decorative. Remember that it’s difficult to hurry a roast with good results.


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