Taco Fish Cakes

I’ve been meaning to do something with fish for some time, but wasn’t sure what. Started a Tex-Mex train of thought after happening upon the Wikipedia article on pico de gallo. Googled about a bit to make sure I wasn’t completely ripping someone else’s idea, and there were a couple of dishes with similar names, but with different execution; often simply tacos filled with fish instead of other meats.

Here are some of the ingredients, but not all. Fish (Alaska Pollock, horribly cheap, probably sustainability issues), green pepper, tomato, egg, lime, green chili, spring onions, tortilla chips. By now, inquisitive minds are probably wondering what it is that makes this recipe a taco fish cake recipe. Well, the idea is to crush the chips and use them as breading.

First, put some breadcrumbs, milk and various spices in a bowl. I use white pepper and dill for fish and chili powder and cumin for Tex-Mex. Stir well and set aside. Time to operate dangerous machinery.

This is what Alaska Pollock, onions, garlic and chili look like, coming out of a grinder. I strongly recommend putting all the veg in the grinder first if you want to do stuff this way, since it’ll most likely get stuck somewhere in there unless the fish is there to push it through.

Ground stuff added to the bowl along with an egg. The seasoning will probably need adjustment at this point. Especially since I haven’t mentioned salt before now. Salt!

One would think that crushing tortilla chips to fine crumbs is quite easy since it evidently happens spontaneously in every bag of the stuff, but no. Stiff work! The machine that connects to my meat grinder also comes with a blender, but the blender is broken, so I had to do it the hard way.

A jump past some scraping, sculpting, shaping and breading gets us straight to five fish cake sizzling away happily in quite a bit of oil. Without the breading I’d be horribly close to making patties yet again, but these are undoubtedly fish cakes. It even says so in the title!

Done! As you can see, there has been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Once again I decided that detailed descriptions of rice preparation aren’t all that fun. The guacamole and sour cream dip was done before even lining up the ingredients and the pico de gallo I made while the fish cakes fried. My pico de gallo is for wussy Swedes like yours truly, who don’t always like the punch of raw jalapeños. I use chopped green bell peppers instead, along with a moderate amount of the nameless milder green chilis grown in Europe and normally found in Swedish grocery stores.

I’m rather pleased with the result, but if I cook this again I’m going to go heavier with the seasoning since the fish cake didn’t have much of an oomph. I’m also thinking that using seasoned tortilla chips could add another level to the dish.


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