The Leftover Peppers Cheese Spread

After making the taco fish cakes and pico de gallo for the last post, I still had a large chunk of green bell pepper and half the chili pepper left, as well as half an orange bell pepper from when I fixed sandwiches for a board meeting. Then, last night at the grocery store I found an intriguing cheese in the discount bin. Marquis; Danish orange-rinded little thing with a very buttery texture. Supposedly it’s quite similar to Saint Albray.

So, top to bottom, diced orange bell pepper, diced green bell pepper, a pre-tasted cheese, a small amount of finely chopped green chili pepper. Using slightly wilted vegetables like these means they won’t add as much moisture in the next step, which is a good thing.

Cut the cheese into more manageable pieces and mix everything in a suitable container. One could probably go on all sorts of seasoning adventures – I only added a pinch of black pepper.

Put the mixture on bread and look happy. If I’d had any red wine I’d probably have some.


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