Macaroni, Meatballs and Pickled Radish Salad

Summer has really dug its heels in by now, and as a result, the cooking gets more laid back. Eager as always to make an example, I made instant elbow macaroni with prefab meatballs (the real Swedish meatballs) and some lightly pickled radishes on the side, just to keep things somewhat interesting. This pickling method is commonly used with cucumbers in Sweden. Doing it with radish instead makes it similar to Japanese tsukemono (which means ‘pickled things’).

Slice some radishes thinly and put in a bowl.

Add  a mixture of water, salt, sugar, spirit vinegar (12% acid) and white pepper.

Place another bowl on top and apply pressure, for example in the form of a cast iron pepper mill. Refrigerate.

Browning the abominable meatballs.

Adding macaroni (told you they were instant), sautéed scallions, grated cheese, an egg and a splash of milk.

Checking out the pickle, which hasn’t finished pickling of course, but is pickly enough for this dish. Leaving it overnight dissolves the red colour and makes everything a subtle pink.

A plate of, if not sublime and exquisite, so at least well meant and filling food.


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