Noodles with Bacon and Scampi

Before I started an actual blog (and then moved it from Blogspot/Blogger to WordPress because of Blogger’s stupid interface) I occasionally posted recipes as notes on Facebook, a few of which recipes proper, with listed measurements and such, while most were more like stories, just like this blog. While flipping through my deviantArt account I found a good and hearty noodle dish, originally posted on Facebook in August 2011. This is also one of the dishes that triggered my whole discount goods and leftovers idea.

A pack of Scampi (Norwegian Lobster) that set this dish rolling. Since this industry usually has a significant negative impact on seabeds I don’t buy them as a rule, but it’s better to eat than to have it thrown out. They’re better than Giant Tiger Prawns anyway. If you’re buying aquacultured prawns of any kind you should stop. Now.

I accidentally added numbers to the original file, so the lineup today is unusually thorough. 1. Half an onion. 2. Discount scampi and diced bacon. 3. Japanese soy. 4. Seasoning, including garlic powder and green curry powder. 5. A carrot. 6. Chinese egg noodles. 7. Half a red chili. 8. An egg. 9. Frozen peas. 10. A slightly wilted mushroom. Most of these ingredients are either discount, leftovers or the last remains of something.

Onion, mushroom, carrot and chili in the pan.

Bacon, scampi and seasoning added. The general consensus is that since the scampi is already cooked it doesn’t really need to be put in the pan at this stage, but I wanted to get a bit of a sear on it and don’t mind a bit of chewiness.

As usually, the noodles have been prepared backstage and go in along with peas and egg. I don’t come across noodle dishes with eggs like this very often here in Sweden, but when I traveled Malaysia it was quite commonplace.

That’s all there is to it. Not very complicated. Some might think that bacon and shellfish is an odd combination, but in my opinion it works, since it’s a well known fact that bacon, like cheese and/or cream, improves almost any dish.


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