Another Sausage and Rice Jumble

What to do when there’s a need for dinner quickly and no one has bothered to restock basically anything after the long trip abroad? One method, which I evidently use often, is to gather some leftovers, something frozen, and whatever fresh stuff there is, and then throw something together.

Still nearly frozen sausages, chucked in the pan. These sausages happen to be of an unusually coarse and interesting grind and subtly seasoned with juniper berries.

My brother had bought a bag of funny little green peppers and forgot them in my fridge, so I nicked one (don’t worry, he knows) and chopped it up along with a red spring onion.

Those not in favour of red onions or juniper berries got grilled falukorv and instant macaroni instead.

Falukorv is a Swedish sausage, in some aspects quite similar to bologna sausage. If I remember correctly, the sausage and its name originates in the Swedish city of Falun, where the copper mining operations used a lot of leather straps and therefore a lot of oxen to make leather from. Eventually, Germans working at the mine taught the locals to make sausages from the meat. These days there’s more pork than beef in the sausage though. Like with german lyoner sausage, the diameter of the sausage, the red casing and the ring shape are diagnostic attributes.

Some leftover rice is added, along with various spices, and the jumble is done.

This is of course a very very simple dish, which doesn’t perhaps need as elaborate a blog post as this, but I’m doing it for the purpose of inspiration, to me and others.

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5 Responses to “Another Sausage and Rice Jumble”

  1. The little peppers may have been Cubanelles?
    And juniper grows wild in abandoned fields here, not sure which species. I’ve never tasted juniper berries but I think I would like it.

    • You’re probably right about the peppers.

      Be sure to determine what species you’ve found before eating, since some googling indicated that Savin juniper occurs in your neck of the woods and is poisonous.

      The best vegetarian application for juniper that I can think of is mushroom stews and soups.

      • Nah, I won’t be harvesting any wild juniper berries. It would probably be easy to find out if the local bushes are safe but also very easy to stop at the local food co-op and pick some up.
        One of these ol’ days.

  2. Prachi Says:

    Such a fun idea + tempting snacks too!!!
    Thank you,
    Bottle Cooler

  3. […] or relief. If properly made, with as little as possible changed from the original recipe, except falukorv instead of fillet of beef, it’s a dish with some standard. This is rarely the case however, […]

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