Using harvested stuff – Ramen with Pak Choi

Continuing the harvest theme by actually using the pak choi I proudly showed off the other day. Even though I’ve seen it in Swedish grocery stores on a couple of occasions, it’s a predominantly Asian vegetable, so what better then, than to combine the usage of homegrown cabbage with getting rid of the crumbly bits on the bottom of the ramen bag and the last pack of miso paste?

Ramen noodles and miso paste in a pot.

Add a pinch or two of ground up dried mushrooms.

Next, a dash of white wine (mirin is probably even better) and a bit of carrots and scallions.

Add boiling water and cook for the prescribed amount of time, adding pak choi at the very end to just have it a bit steamed.


A sprinkle of sesame seeds is perhaps not exactly customary, but quite tasty.


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