First Harvest 2 – Tomato

My mother entrusted me with a tomato plant a couple of months ago and they’re just the divas of windowsill gardening. A liter of water every day and the water has to be lukewarm and preferably drawn the previous day. It needs a lot of sun, but if not properly acclimatized over several weeks it will wilt or get sunburn if put on the balcony.

So far the plant has produced two tomatoes, and one of them was ripe enough for picking the other day. It had encountered some kind of problem or disease quite early on and had a large brown spot on the underside which spread into some of the seeds. The upper half looked fine though, so I had a taste but didn’t want to use it in food.

Originally, tomatoes were just as fickle as the plants they grow on, with very thin walls and lots of juice, and bruised or broke very easily. Most tomatoes nowadays are therefore much tougher and drier, to withstand industrial handling. This one was meaty to the point of almost being a beef tomato (albeit much smaller) which I happen to like (remember Coeur de Boeuf) and one can only hope that the one still growing, which is just starting to turn a bit orange, will be of similar texture. I don’t have a problem with cooking with only one tomato, since most of my experimental food is done at almost micro scale in order to minimize waste in case things go pear shaped. Since I have a good deal of onions and cucumber at home it’s possible that I’m making half a cup of gazpacho in the near future.


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