Even More Ramen. What?

Early on in the making of this blog, I spoke at length about the drawbacks of instant ramen. After that I’ve been eating more instant ramen than in many many years. Why? Because it’s so darn good.

I’ve also discussed how cooking is often more laid back during summer (after which I took on some of the most labor intense dishes ever). But now, with more ramen in the feed regimen, the cooking has become as laid back as intended.

There’s an Asian shop across the street from the old alma mater (that is, University of Gothenburg, department of educational sciences) which I’ve frequented very often for the past three years, but only to acquire a lunch sub and a can of soda. Today I browsed the rest of their range and brought home rice noodles, tapioca starch and duck flavored instant noodles.

Recently, I happened upon the Ramen Rater, a blog about instant noodles, and learned a thing or two about what to add to a helping of instant ramen. For example fried eggs. Other than that, I looted the larder as usual.

Instant, duck flavored, ramen (apparently approved by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand) with fried egg, pepper tsukemono, sambal and sautéed onions and mushrooms. Purists might prefer kimchi instead of peppers and why not ssamjang instead of sambal, but to a Swede the difference is negligible (at least until tried). To me, an awesome, flavorful meal. In discussions elsewhere I’ve reached the conclusion that non-instant noodles seldom are as tasty, probably since one holds back a bit when spooning the MSG in.


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