Slightly Risky Business

In recent days I’ve discussed both prefab foodstuffs and inadvisable editing of recipes, so what could be better than concluding with a post containing both prefabricated goods and tampering with an extremely popular recipe?

Boxed mac and cheese. A quick and simple meal, but to serve two I needed to add some more stuff while also making it a bit more adult in flavor. I almost felt guilty for tampering with many Americans’ childhood favorite, but then I remembered what foreigners do to Swedish meatballs and continued without qualms.

This is what I added. Bacon, mushrooms, onions and a hint of garlic. Nothing drastic. Hopefully that’ll put American readers working up a rage a bit at ease…

OK, I added a bit of Parmesan too, but cheese is cheese, right? Of course I could have grated my own cheese instead of using a bag of orange powder, but not only was I feeling particularly lazy today, but I also think American cheddar is the right cheese for mac and cheese and one does not simply buy American cheddar over here.


2 Responses to “Slightly Risky Business”

  1. For the record I’ve never done anything untoward to a Swedish meatball.
    I love your mix ‘n match style, meanwhile,

  2. […] out there in advance, as this post might be offensive to you, just like what I did to the other national dish of the United States a while back was potentially offensive. Before cooking the dish for this post […]

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