Crustacean Carcasses, part 2

Around Easter I went to great lengths in making a pot of shrimp and lobster stock, which was blogged as Crustacean Carcasses, part 1. I’ve been worried that it’s gone bad in the freezer since it’s been sitting there for four months or so. It did smell a bit funny, but I recall that it did so even before being frozen, so I had to defrost some and try it out

First we fry a bit of carrots and garlic

Then I added slightly parboiled Vietnamese rice noodles, for a break from all the ramen, thawed stock, scallions and bits of frozen surimi stick. It’s very advisable to defrost the sticks separately and add them at last minute (if you want to use surimi at all, unprocessed fish is probably tastier) since they unfurl when boiled.

Put in bowl and sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and other sprinkly stuff in you have any. I’d say this dish provided an interesting clash between Asian style ingredients and typical French stock.

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