Two Leftovers Enter, One Sandwich Leaves

With a loaf of bread in the box, getting worse for wear by the minute, but with a texture that gets more awesome with toasting, and a batch of leftover meatballs in the fridge shrinking steadily because of a grazing geek with too many assignments to write, there’s one obvious course of action. Meatball sandwich.

When I was a kid I assumed meatball sandwiches were just a joke, since the meatballs would roll off. (In fact, I just remembered a Blondie strip where Dagwood has exactly that problem)

A Swedish meatball sandwich (now the sandwich is Swedish, not necessarily the meatballs) should also have beetroot salad, with chopped pickled beetroots and crème frâiche or mayo as the main ingredients. I didn’t make any, but it’s not very tricky if you want to.


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