Squashy Noodly Pancakes

This dish is one of the usual gatherings of leftover odds and ends, but with an attempt to get some variation from the ever resurfacing sausage and rice jumbles.

First, prepare a batch of pancake batter.

Second, get some noodles. These are rice noodles, apparently of Vietnamese origin.

Third, scrounge up some diced bacon, grate half a yellow squash and chop a scallion. Put these in the batter. With all this stuff going into the batter, it’s also an opportunity to go on a seasoning adventure. Garlic and chili is nice, for example.

Give the noodles a quick sizzle, then scoop some batter in on top.

Eventually, it turns into this.

And finally into this. After completing and eating the noodle pancakes I got the feeling that it was a bit familiar. I went to the books, and lo and behold, in Donna Hay’s the New Cook there is a recipe for rice noodle pancakes, but it consists of rice noodles flattened and fried until they retain a disk shape. Further flipping revealed that there’s also a zucchini and Brie pancake recipe in the same book, so I must have combined those two on some sort of subliminal level.


2 Responses to “Squashy Noodly Pancakes”

  1. Ooh these look really good. I presume all and everything hiding in the bottom of the fridge could go in these.. hmmmm

    • Sounds like a reasonable course of action, yes. I would have wanted carrots in mine, but we didn’t have any. Carrots give an awesome yellow colour in addition to taste :)

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