Groat, Artiodactyl and Underbrush

Here’s a simple dish for when you need to eat, the store’s closed and you’re not really in a hurry, but not in the mood to cook either. The title of the post is not some odd singer/songwriter trio, but the main ingredients.

This is the mainest of ingredients – khorasan wheat. It takes something around 45 minutes to cook, which is why it’s not a good choice of carb when in a hurry. I like to give wheat, rice and similar foods a quick sizzle in a drop of oil before adding water to the pot. Gives a richer flavor.

After putting the wheat on the hob I kind of forgot to take any more pictures before the plating, so I’ll just write some more instead, for example about the other main ingredients. The other main ingredients mentioned in the title are bacon and arugula.

When the wheat was almost done I started frying the bacon, then added the wheat, a bit of garlic and half a teaspoon of the chili sauce I made last time. After letting stuff get cozy for a few minutes I also added what was left in a bag of arugula.

It’s only good and proper to also explain the amount of bacon lately. Bacon’s good of course but why such a lot of it? Well, you see, in Sweden, bacon generally comes in 120-140 gram packs, but I recently realised that my store also has diced bacon in 500 gram trays. Excellent to just have in the freezer and break a corner off the block whenever needed.

And here’s the finished thing! Very basic and simple example of picking and mixing whatever’s available. It also happens to be another five ingredient dinner, which I realised just now…  Those who enjoy cilantro (I don’t) would probably happily use that instead of arugula.


2 Responses to “Groat, Artiodactyl and Underbrush”

  1. Groat’s a favorite word of mine. This is a wonderfully simple, imaginative, delicious-looking dish. You only need a bit of nudging to get you back on a vegetarian track.

    • It’s a word I like too :)

      I’m thinking that swapping the bacon for green lentils wouldn’t be half bad. Would need some more spices if I did that though.

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