Bacon Out, Noodles In

I used to consider my diet pretty well rounded, but looking through the blog leaves room for doubt. To underline that, here’s another dish with noodles (at least rice noodles, not instant ramen) but no bacon whatsoever. It’s a fairly quick dish, for those who, like me spend a lot of time sitting around the house, carefully avoiding school assignments. Let us begin.

The first few times I cooked with these rice noodles, I thought they didn’t absorb flavors very well and refused to get past the al dente stage. Here they are being boiled with a veg stock/bouillon cube and onion and garlic powders.

Next we chuck some chopped pak choi in a pan and let the noodles follow shortly. This is what softens the noodles the way I want them, as opposed to boiling them for longer than recommended.

Add an egg or two, stirring with various degrees of fury, depending on the quality of the non-stick coating, until you think it’s done.  Also, adjust seasoning of course.

Put in bowl and fill up with the broth the noodles were cooked in and which you were supposed to save. Fried egg in a soupy environment is intuitively wrong, at least to me, but it works.

I made almost the same dish the next day, but used fish stock cube instead and added curry powder to the broth and sambal oelek to the pan upon frying.


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