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Blog just had a birthday! (and more noodles)

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October 19th 2011, I migrated a blog post from to It’s been a year. That’s awesome. Since then, I’ve gotten a firmer grasp on editing blogs, on cooking and photographing certain types of food and probably also the English language (which wasn’t that bad to begin with). Thank you everyone who has contributed to the just over 3000 views over the course of the first year. Hopefully you’ve liked what you’ve seen!

That’s enough celebration. I’ve once again returned from the self-imposed exile, which is still needed since I’m not done with my backlog of school assignments yet, to post a little recipe as to not have the blog grow over completely and my cooking skills wither away under the yoke of take away. Just like ever so often before, the dish at hand is a collection of odds and ends and noodles. Also, there’s only one photo, which means more writing practice and less picture editing.

Today’s ingredients are:

Small pieces of cold cut roast beef, left over from sandwich making.
Flat wheat noodles.
Duck-flavored seasoning from a bag of instant ramen (ramen previously used without seasoning).
A bit of leek, thinly sliced
Half a stalk of green asparagus, which must have rolled off the cutting board during the preparation of Friday’s dinner only to be found again while cutting leek.
Chili flakes
An egg

Meat and asparagus was chopped up and boiled in a broth made from the ramen seasonings (powder and oil) to soften a bit. Then noodles and leeks were added and cooking continued until noodles were fairly soft. With solids removed from broth, the broth was allowed to reduce some while the other stuff had a quick sizzle in a pan, into which the egg was cracked after some time. Contents of pan put in bowl, broth poured over, chili flakes sprinkled. Egg congeals, food is eaten. That is all.

Cranking up the Rusticity

Posted in leftovers, mushroom, potato with tags , on October 4, 2012 by oskila

Today’s dish was created mostly out of a need to get some potatoes and prefab meatballs eaten as quickly as possible, but also because the grocery store offered irresistible shiitake mushrooms. The ones I’ve seen before were all fairly small with woody stipes and wrinkled caps.

Perhaps it’s hard to judge their size from this pic – they’re basically the size of small portabello mushrooms, or 3-4 inches across.

Next, potatoes peeled and sliced to shorten cooking time. The rest of this batch was used for mash some time ago, so it’s a very floury variety, which is why my ‘why boil when you can fry?’ approach to potatoes doesn’t apply here. A couple of cloves of garlic went in the pot too, to add some extra goodness.

Sautéing mushrooms and leek in unusual amounts of butter, which helps bring the mushroom flavour out properly. The meatballs later went in there too.

Stirring, rather than mashing, the boiled potatoes with another knob of butter and some white pepper and nutmeg.

Not sure if this plating has any visual merit, but at least it is as rustic as indicated by the title. I’m also curious about what a night in the fridge will do to it. Will find out tomorrow since I’m having it for lunch too.

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