Becoming a Cabbage-Head: The Accidental LCHF Lunch

Those who read this blog regularly may have noticed that there’s cabbage involved quite often. I think I’m becoming a cabbage-head. This time it’s mostly because the Savoy cabbage was cheap and the creamed kale of the second last post turned out so very awesome.

LCHF is a diet which I’m not committed to, but this dish sneaks in under the radar, containing nothing too carby.

006 2

This is where this post started. Savoy cabbage. It’s a lot more interesting than ordinary green cabbage in my opinion. A fuller, more characteristic flavour. It came at a fairly good price and I needed lunch.

003 2

Also relevant is this onion here. If it’s actually a shallot it’s the largest one I’ve ever seen.

002 2

Boil shredded cabbage in bouillon of your choice for about 10 minutes, then rinse in cold water and drain before searing it along with finely chopped onion in a bit of butter. Then add salt or some of the cooking liquid, white pepper and nutmeg and a good helping of cream. Let it simmer until stewy. Fry up some bacon separately.

008 2

Lunch! Many of the LCHF followers I’ve met eat bacon like there’s no tomorrow, but I strongly suspect that there’s some sugar involved in the curing process. Chucked the packaging before I could check. Either way there’s a considerable amount of sodium in this dish if you’re scared of that sort of thing. I was mostly after an easy, tasty meal that could withstand a night in the fridge and a couple of minutes in a microwave oven the next day. It’s not a very large helping of food as lunches go, but since it’s pretty fatty it doesn’t have to be a lot to keep one full for the rest of the working day.


One Response to “Becoming a Cabbage-Head: The Accidental LCHF Lunch”

  1. Most extraordinary shallot ever!

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