Moussaka, sort of.

Minced pork, button mushrooms and fresh garlic at great discounts and the refrigerator runneth over with eggplant and half-zucchinis (OK, one of each, but you get the idea). In my book that spells moussaka or something pretty similar.

001 2

Fresh onions and garlic and a bag of shrooms.

002 2

Frying stuff. Also making sure the seasoning has a rather strong Mediterranean feel to it.

004 2

Slicing eggplant lengthways with the assistance of a Scandinavian cheese-slicer. Other similar tools are probably just as good. I had a nagging feeling that eggplant and zucchini often are pre-cooked in some fashion to reduce the liquid content, but didn’t bother to (which resulted in a very wet final product. Be warned!)

005 2

Since I’ve written papers concerning both digital imaging and how the hiker should dress, I’m pretty good at working with layers. A lasagna-like structure, but without the béchamel.

006 2

Putting a cheese sauce on top. Should have had more and thicker sauce (in conjunction with dryer sliced veg) for the best result.

007 2

After a bit of oven time dinner is ready (but somewhat wet)


6 Responses to “Moussaka, sort of.”

  1. Have you ever troubled to salt eggplant? Which is what I’ve heard of for drawing out the excess water. It always seemed to fussy for me
    and not really necessary.

    • I did for this dish, albeit halfheartedly, and I’ve done it before when making ratatouille. Both moussaka and ratatouille are dishes where excess water makes a lot of difference to the quality of the produced dish.

      In other cases I don’t bother at all

      • I always figured the salt would extract vitamins and minerals along with water, and eggplant and zucchini don’t have much to spare. But definitely I can see the advantage for the finished product.

      • While that might be true, since eggplant mostly has ‘lots’ of water-soluble B-vitamins, most of the vitamins and minerals in eggplants require ingesting 12-15 cups worth of raw eggplant to reach RDI. Hence, any nutrion picked up from eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and the like, I consider bonus material :)

      • There’s always fiber, right? :-)

      • good thinking :)

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