2 Courgette 4 Egg Omelet

According to Wikipedia, zucchini is the most common used name in Scandinavia for the vegetable in other places more commonly known by its french name courgette. I might have old data, but I think the most widespread name in Sweden at least, is simply squash (probably since we didn’t know about any other squashes for very long and until fairly recently)

I’m only bringing this up since I’m using them in food today. The common green zucchini and the slightly less common golden zucchini. Both were bought fairly cheap and then sort of forgotten in the fridge. Since it’s very unnecessary to let food go bad I needed to make use of them quickly and decided on a Spanish tortilla-like apparition, but with zucchini instead of potatoes.

001 2

Grated zucchinis in a pan, with some oil and salt. A chopped onion was added some time later. Since zucchini is mostly water, it tends to get soggy with cooking, and unless some of the moisture is removed, that sogginess is democratically spread through the whole dish. Leave them in the pan for quite some time to get a proper sear and allow some water to steam away.

002 2

Once that was done I added some seasoning (white pepper, garlic, chili flakes, thyme) and then four lightly beaten eggs and a cup of grated Raclette cheese that happened to be lying around (and at least texture-wise, it’s not entirely unlike the Spanish Manchego). Once that’s taken care of one can choose either to fry fairly quick and flip the whole thing over, or fry it on lower heat and on only one side.

007 2

I decided on a one-sided fry and then a bit of salad.


3 Responses to “2 Courgette 4 Egg Omelet”

  1. Wonderful-looking omelette.

    It goes by zucchini here, too, and also under the broad category of summer squash.
    Raclette is available here but usually at a very steep price.
    I’m fascinated that you had it just lying around in the refrigerator.
    I’ve bought it in the past (at something like $20/lb) for making…Raclette.

    • I think UK and Australia are the main Anglophone courgette areas.

      $20/lb is pretty much the same as here. Our store had some that was getting close to expiry and therefore very cheap (55% off) which is why it was lying around.

      I also used it to make grilled cheese sandwiches during the weekend, with amazing sourdough bread from the very large bakery across the river that has a small and very cheap shop

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