So sorry for being silent for this long. I’m afraid we’re quite busy nesting over here right now, and I’m given to understand that spare time might also be limited after NerdCuisine jr has been born. Will try to get something up before or around Christmas.


7 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. Definitely a Christmas post!

    Oh, life’ll take an interesting turn once baby makes three, no doubt, :-)

    • ten days to ETA :)

      • It’ll be nice if the little punkin waits till after Christmas.

      • If it could hold until January it’d be the the oldest kid in it’s class instead of youngest, but by now the wife, teacher or not, would rather have it out as soon as possible.

      • Well well, can’t blame her for that. January is your cut-off date? Here it’s September and that’s how it worked out for my son, he was the oldest kid in his class and that seemed to be an advantage. On the other hand I was on the young side of the cut-off date and I turned out…well…

      • This is Olivia

        She was delivered with emergency C-section in the morning of december 27th. 19.7 inches but almost 10 pounds. All three of us are in good health and just got home from the hospital.

      • Amazing, you’ve managed to have a baby that looks cute right out of the gate, so to speak. Emergency c-section, that must have woke you all up. Glad you are all doing well. 10 lbs! Must be all that good Nerd Cusine cooking.
        Congratulations, I’m really happy for you, and look forward to reading about the further adventures of NC Jr very soon. :-)

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