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Bacon and Eggs. And Mushrooms. And Rice Noodles and Ssamjang. And Kimchi?

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OK. New food instead of backlog, because I want to, and I can do what I want with my blog. I started out by trying to figure out dinner and found eggs and bacon. Then I found a couple of mushrooms at the back, along with a leek. Reaching for the granulated garlic in the cupboard next to the fridge I saw the new rice noodles. While the kettle was on to make noodle water I checked the fridge again and found the trusty old ssamjang and the spanking new packet of kimchi. Behind the kimchi I found the cabbage I pickled myself some time ago (back in March).


Fried all the fryable stuff and tossed it together, then put some proper kimchi next to my ko-jaeng-i stuff. I have to say my feeble attempt is rather good considering I hadn’t tried the real stuff before making it. For future reference, this real kimchi is a bit less sour, a lot less sweet and heaps, plenty, lots spicier. I hear Koreans eat kimchi for breakfast and I secretly hope the breakfast variety has a bit less chili in it. On that bombshell we end tonight’s post :)

Simple but Fancy Potato Salad

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My recent blog posts about blue Swedish potatoes are about to get company by one about some rather yellow Danish ones. Today’s main ingredient is Ratte or Asparges potatoes, originating in Denmark according to Wikipedia. They were bought at the same time as the Blue Congo potatoes and at the same shop. Also very cheap for such lovely spuds. The bag claimed they were good for potato salad, so that’s what  I did.


A batch of asparges potatoes, boiled in their skin along with a vegetable stock cube. I usually run all the potatoes through with a long pin or similar before boiling, to allow some salt in. The asparges potato, when boiled, has an almost creamy texture and a flavor with a lot of nutty notes.


The protein for the evening. Cheapest possible. Prefab meatballs and discount sausages in order to make sure there was enough potato salad to make a lunch box.


Salad assembled. Oil, french herbs, powdered garlic, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, potatoes, arugula, diced feta-like cheese and some capers. Heavenly!

Valentines Highlights

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Last year for Valentines my fiancée cooked dinner for me. This year she came down with a bit of a cold, so we cooked together instead. Here are some of the highlights.


A loin of pork covered in garlic cream cheese, biding its time in the oven.


The first kriek (belgian cherry ale) I’ve ever had that was drinkable. All other attempts at drinking kriek have been abandoned less than halfway through. This one a friend gave me for my 31st birthday. The picture is also, incidentally, sort of a self portrait.


The real inventive masterpiece of the evening in my opinion – A salad of arugula, mango and pink grapefruit, dressed with a bit of olive oil and mango vinegar, along with salt, black pepper and chili flakes.


This is ice cream in the making. Vanilla and Oreos. Yummy. The fiancée’s idea. (It was also her idea to get an ice cream machine in the first place)

A quick one on salad

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I’m thinking there’s going to be an increase in food photographed in plastic boxes since I only eat school food on Thursdays (and have no scheduled lunch at all on Fridays)

8 2

Here, a kind of salad, made with the first chicory I’ve ever bought, elbow macaroni, hard boiled egg and diced bacon. Dressed with mayo and a bit of mango vinegar. Whipped up, boxed and brought to work in less than ten minutes (the commute to work is 40-50 minutes though)

An Italian Job

Posted in bacon, bread, cheese, italian, leftovers, mushroom, pasta, salad, side dish with tags on June 29, 2012 by oskila

I recently claimed that the cooking gets more laid back in the summer. For some reason, after posting that, I’ve cranked the game up a notch instead. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that the dishes get lighter. Roast and gravy isn’t too compelling when it’s hot and sunny outside I guess.

Today’s dish is pasta based, as opposed to the last post which had som pasta chucked in as a filler. It’s also meant to do away with some leftovers and try out a couple of new things.

As you can see, today’s lineup is filled to the brim with good stuff! Romaine lettuce, Grana Padano cheese, mascarpone, cucumber, half forgotten radishes, mushrooms, fresh garlic, leftover zucchini, balsamic vinegar, leftover lemon, onion, bacon, olive oil, truffle oil and a nice sourdough roll. Again, me and the little cherry red camera haven’t quite agreed on how indoor photography without flash is best carried out. And as usual, I forgot to include the pasta in the lineup, but I believe that since I don’t give much directions anyway, people actually replicating my dishes will be able to figure out how to cook spaghetti anyway.

First, let’s give the zucchini a quick sweat

Once that looks nice, add mushrooms, garlic, onions and bacon to the pan.

Normally, one would use cream, crème fraîche or roux/milk for sauce, but I decided to try mascarpone, which is usually associated with desserts. Since it’s fat fatty fat fat (40%) I’m taking it down a notch with the double amount milk. If you haven’t started boiling pasta and toasting bread it’s time to get that going.

The amount of fluids is intentionally a bit on the low side, since I feared dumping a whole lot of mascarpone in a dinner would make it heavy and greasy. Some herbs and a swig of wine doesn’t hurt, but since I had no wine, I added a splash of balsamic instead.

Simple salad with lettuce, cucumber, radishes and cheese flakes. The intricacy is in the vinaigrette. Oil, vinegar, salt and pepper as usual, but with as much lemon juice as vinegar and a few drops of truffle oil, which takes things to another level entirely.

Assemble dish in spaghetti pot. I usually add considerable amounts of black pepper at this point.

After initial toasting, the roll had a drizzle of oil, a rub of garlic and a short trip to the oven to take some of the raw edge off the garlic. Remove from oven, add salt and call it bruschetta.

Today’s plated dish shot is brought to you by the balcony. This recipe isn’t really complicated enough to warrant nine images, but it can still be simplified further. I’d imagine that it’s very tasty even without bacon for example. Those who really like salad could instead make that part more complicated by adding more stuff, but that’s rather obvious.

To conclude, I’d say the mascarpone works quite well in this dish. Its slight sweetness compliments that of the onions and zucchini, while offering a nice contrast to the salty bacon. Next time, I’m hopefully doing fresh fish.


New Potato Salad (and patties yet again)

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On account of me doing a fairly believable impression of an industrious student over the past months there hasn’t been much time for food blogs (or eating proper food for that matter). Yes, I’m doing two posts with ground meat in a row, but today the protein is playing second fiddle to the salad.

When I’m shopping for groceries on auto pilot, I tend to follow the motto ‘when in doubt – patties’ which is why we’re having that again. But as I’ve said before, there’s endless possibilities for variation (which makes using garlic and parsley as the main seasoning again a bit silly of course).

Summer is almost upon us and the new potatoes have hit the stores. A week ago a pound of new potatoes grown in Sweden cost you your firstborn and a kidney, but today they were down to SEK 14.90 per kilo (about £1.30 or 2 US dollars). The main task for Swedish new potatoes is to keep the pickled herring from falling off the plate, but I wanted to play around a bit and decided on a salad. Even remembered to do some sort of lineup.

Here we have some rocket (or arugula), button mushrooms, a cheese that was cheap but seems to be the result of an affair between a proper feta cheese and a box of erasers (nothing wrong with the actual taste though), olive oil, balsamic vinegar, new potatoes, ground meat, olives, garlic, cucumber and leek.

Start with the patties. About a pound of ground meat (50/50 beef and pork), an egg, a dollop of tomato paste, a pinch of salt, some frozen parsley, a generous helping of black pepper and an industrial amount of crushed garlic. Mix thoroughly and set aside for later.

Potatoes all scrubbed and cut up and put in water with salt and a couple of cloves of garlic.

This is what a closeup photo of a vinaigrette looks like. Oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, dried thyme, sage and tarragon. Later, when the potatoes are cooked, mash the garlic from that pot and stir it into the dressing. before tipping the actual salad in.

I suspect that I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver a bit too much lately. I usually pile stuff up neatly on the cutting board for photos. Not so much this time, since summer food is usually about getting everything chopped up and thrown together before the dinner guests in the garden have guzzled down the whole bag-in-box. But this is about as rustic as I can manage, because I like my neat piles and julienned carrots.

Next it’s time to pat the patties into shape. Making eight patties from 575 grams of mixture, serving two per person is just about right with such a rich salad.

A proper barbecue is of course preferred, but since I don’t have one, the grill pan will have to do.

Salad put together and tossed. I don’t think I’ve ever sprinkled cheese crumbles over a salad before, so I obviously need to lay off the Jamie Oliver shows…

Also, my photography skills are obviously a bit rusty. A horrendously off-target photo like this wouldn’t usually make it to the blog, but I only took one frame of the assembled dish. It’s still tasty though.

Delicious Blob

Posted in bacon, eggs, leftovers, mushroom, salad with tags on February 16, 2012 by oskila

There wasn’t much food left over from the scrumptious dinner on Valentine’s Day, but we rinsed more bagged leafy greens than we ate and today I pondered on what to do with the increasingly sad and wilted leftovers.

Green goop is the obvious solution! I stirred a handful of greens into a splash of milk and then went to work with a hand blender. With the addition of eggs, salt, pepper and garlic we have a very green omelet in the making.

Omelet + bacon + mushroom = lunch!

Sorry for the crappy photo quality. The DSLR was out of battery so I had to use the phone.

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