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I’ve experienced a recent rise in foodie activity, but only shared the experience on Facebook and instagram. It’s only fair to get some of the action on here as well (as if anyone ever comes here anymore)

We recently acquired a pizza stone, so Sunday dinner equals pizza these days. Sadly #1 sprogget doesn’t like normal pizza, nor white with just cheese, so I’ve had to make her a “pizza with nothing” ie a pita bread.


7 grams dry yeast

360 grams high protein flour

30 grams olive oil

250 grams water at 40 C

4 grams salt

3 grams sugar

10 minutes of machine kneading, rest for 50 minutes or in fridge overnight.

See you soon I hope

First attempt

White with mozzarella.

Six cheeses pizza

Six cheeses pizza

Cheese, red onions, Arched Woodwax (a mushroom), walnuts and honey

Cheese, onions, jamon serrano, parasol mushroom and ramsons pesto

Baconated Dumplings

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The local grocery store suddenly started selling bamboo steamers, so I decided to try my hand at wonton dumplings, which are commonly steamed.

The dough is easy enough. According to the recipe I looked at, one should combine wheat flour with boiling water to produce a soft dough that doesn’t stick too much.

Traditional wonton filling usually includes pork. I had recently landed a considerable amount of bacon, which is technically pork. Also used were savoy cabbage, spring onions, wood ear mushroom and Chinese five-spice.


The resulting dumplings might not be the prettiest ones you’ve seen, but not too shabby for a rushed first attempt.


While the dumplings steamed away I attempted some kind of sweet and sour sauce based on rice vinegar and canned pineapple without looking too closely at actual recipes.


Dumplings post steam. While they turned out quite nice, it’s entirely possible that I failed with the dough on account of them sticking to the steamer like if glued.


Finished dumplings and sauce along with store-bought tamarind/date sauce that is more of an Indian persuasion than Chinese (but tasty) and a sprinkle of chopped spring onions.

Spicy Chicken 1

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For nearly three years I’ve lived under the delusion that my significant other disliked couscous. Apparently that is not the case, so to celebrate I made some with spicy chicken.

The spice blend aimed to be something that could be associated with North Africa. I don’t remember everything I put in there off the top of my head, but paprika, cumin, cardamom and cinnamon were major players.

004 2

Spicy chicken stew with carrots and broccoli, couscous and cold sauce of a curry-flavored persuasion. Only one photo today, as I didn’t find the dish blogworthy until I started fiddling with plating.


Groat, Artiodactyl and Underbrush

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Here’s a simple dish for when you need to eat, the store’s closed and you’re not really in a hurry, but not in the mood to cook either. The title of the post is not some odd singer/songwriter trio, but the main ingredients.

This is the mainest of ingredients – khorasan wheat. It takes something around 45 minutes to cook, which is why it’s not a good choice of carb when in a hurry. I like to give wheat, rice and similar foods a quick sizzle in a drop of oil before adding water to the pot. Gives a richer flavor.

After putting the wheat on the hob I kind of forgot to take any more pictures before the plating, so I’ll just write some more instead, for example about the other main ingredients. The other main ingredients mentioned in the title are bacon and arugula.

When the wheat was almost done I started frying the bacon, then added the wheat, a bit of garlic and half a teaspoon of the chili sauce I made last time. After letting stuff get cozy for a few minutes I also added what was left in a bag of arugula.

It’s only good and proper to also explain the amount of bacon lately. Bacon’s good of course but why such a lot of it? Well, you see, in Sweden, bacon generally comes in 120-140 gram packs, but I recently realised that my store also has diced bacon in 500 gram trays. Excellent to just have in the freezer and break a corner off the block whenever needed.

And here’s the finished thing! Very basic and simple example of picking and mixing whatever’s available. It also happens to be another five ingredient dinner, which I realised just now…  Those who enjoy cilantro (I don’t) would probably happily use that instead of arugula.

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