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Spicy Chicken 2 (Murgh Korma, more or less)

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Chicken has only recently been allowed in the kitchen as the significant other softened the bird-eating veto. In combination with the increased comfort in the blending of various spicy spices, this opens up a whole new chapter of cooking, previously unseen in the Nerd Cuisine kitchens.

Not bothering with checking any recipes before cooking, this dish might differ significantly from what other people perceive as proper chicken korma. The spice blend consists mainly of cumin, coriander, turmeric and chili, with smaller amounts of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, sumac, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger.

Ingredients beside chicken include onions, carrots, tomato paste, broccoli (which is a bit out of place I admit, but needed eating) and thick yogurt. Deducing from the recipes I looked at afterwards, it’s far more common to base the sauce on cream.

008 2

Somewhat disorganized photo of the described korma dish with rice, naan and kheere ka raita.

Garlic-studded Pork Neck

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Went to the store to catch up on vegetables a bit. Not a lot of those at home lately. Stumbled upon an almost suspiciously good offer on pork neck for members of the cooperative.  Took one home, studded it with garlic.

002 2

I didn’t bother with tying it this time. There’s a limit to how fancy one manages to be on a Monday afternoon. Apart from (fresh) garlic it’s been brushed with dark soy sauce and sprinkled with crushed black pepper and thyme. If you have the time, do brine your pork neck before roasting. It just gets so much better.

003 3

Here’s the pork neck after perhaps an hour in the oven. I relied solely on the meat thermometer’s alarm (which was a bit off this time. Had to microwave the sliced meat a bit since I don’t trust even slightly pink pork.)

While the roast was roasting, some corn on the cob got prepared, along with a simple but effective tzatziki.

005 2

Those three elements are seldom seen on the same plate, but they were all good!


Fusion Pork

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I still don’t have enough time to make proper posts, but I still have to cook most days and sometimes remember to snap a picture every now and then.

Two pounds of stewing pork had been biding its time in the freezer for quite some time, while a pot of Greek yogurt, almost forgotten, was sitting in the fridge. The possibility to combine them in an interesting way occurred to me.

I made a marinade out of yogurt, a dash of oil, tomato paste, sweet chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce and mango chutney. The ‘fusion’ part of the recipe lies in the seasoning; onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, chili powder, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, white pepper a hint of dried ginger and quite a lot if Sichuan pepper – a new acquaintance. Evidently, that mix can be traced to both India, Texas and China (and a couple of other cuisines surely).

Pork chunks went in the marinade for a couple of hours, then fished out and scraped off a bit, to be cut into smaller pieces and browned in a pan. Next, the meat was transfered to a pot and salt and enough marinade to cover it was added. After around four hours of simmering, intermingled with adding of more yogurt and  fat-skimming, the pork was falling apart and the yogurt almost solid. A splash of cream to smoothen the whole thing a bit, and dinner was served. Rice is probably nice on the side, but I enjoyed it just as well on its own.

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