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I’ve experienced a recent rise in foodie activity, but only shared the experience on Facebook and instagram. It’s only fair to get some of the action on here as well (as if anyone ever comes here anymore)

We recently acquired a pizza stone, so Sunday dinner equals pizza these days. Sadly #1 sprogget doesn’t like normal pizza, nor white with just cheese, so I’ve had to make her a “pizza with nothing” ie a pita bread.


7 grams dry yeast

360 grams high protein flour

30 grams olive oil

250 grams water at 40 C

4 grams salt

3 grams sugar

10 minutes of machine kneading, rest for 50 minutes or in fridge overnight.

See you soon I hope

First attempt

White with mozzarella.

Six cheeses pizza

Six cheeses pizza

Cheese, red onions, Arched Woodwax (a mushroom), walnuts and honey

Cheese, onions, jamon serrano, parasol mushroom and ramsons pesto

A Not-Too-Often Breakfast

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Sunday breakfasts are often lavish (and often brunches or missed entirely). This one from last sunday, I feel, has a hint of Britain and aims to achieve lots of base pleasure with minimal amounts of washing up. It’s a bit on the greasy side though, so your arteries will probably thank you for not having it too often.

Pak choi, sausage and bacon. Three of my most recurring stars, judging from the cloud.


When they’re looking good, scrape them onto the side and fry an egg. Sunny side up and overexposed, just the way I like it (actually I like my eggs over easy. Not gonna let that stand in the way of a good punchline though)

Adding the finishing touches, in this case a platoon of toast soldiers. If you’re afraid of cholesterol, you’ll be eating salad for the next two days. If you’re into LCHF you’ll have been naughty, eating all that bread. There’s something in it for everybody!

The Recycled Burger Brunch

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Yesterday my dear brother threw a barbecue at our parents’ house. He had a slice of marinated ham on the bone, the Swedish trade name for which translates as ‘Flintstone roast’ since it looks like a cartoon steak, which he suggested would suffice, but I had already thawed a kilo of ground beef to cook dinner with, so we had both. After a quick trip to the grocery store the four people attending ended up with enough food for 8-10 people. We left my brother with most of the leftover food for lunch boxes, but brought some grilled halloumi and one of the 200 gram cheeseburgers I had made back home with us. Those are the main ingredients for this post.

The burgers were probably the best I’ve ever made. Perfectly seasoned, beautifully slow-barbecued and with lovely flavors of smoke and charcoal.  A night in the fridge gave it a density that would make a meatloaf green with envy. Anyway – burger and halloumi sliced. Revolutionary idolatry optional.

Put burger and halloumi on bread. Add onion to taste and a sprinkle of grated cheese for good measure.  Grill in oven for a while.

Put sandwich on a plate on the balcony. Add potato chips, a squirt of ketchup, funny-looking tomatoes and a cool drink. Then call it brunch only because it’s past noon and the first meal of the day.

New Potato Salad (and patties yet again)

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On account of me doing a fairly believable impression of an industrious student over the past months there hasn’t been much time for food blogs (or eating proper food for that matter). Yes, I’m doing two posts with ground meat in a row, but today the protein is playing second fiddle to the salad.

When I’m shopping for groceries on auto pilot, I tend to follow the motto ‘when in doubt – patties’ which is why we’re having that again. But as I’ve said before, there’s endless possibilities for variation (which makes using garlic and parsley as the main seasoning again a bit silly of course).

Summer is almost upon us and the new potatoes have hit the stores. A week ago a pound of new potatoes grown in Sweden cost you your firstborn and a kidney, but today they were down to SEK 14.90 per kilo (about £1.30 or 2 US dollars). The main task for Swedish new potatoes is to keep the pickled herring from falling off the plate, but I wanted to play around a bit and decided on a salad. Even remembered to do some sort of lineup.

Here we have some rocket (or arugula), button mushrooms, a cheese that was cheap but seems to be the result of an affair between a proper feta cheese and a box of erasers (nothing wrong with the actual taste though), olive oil, balsamic vinegar, new potatoes, ground meat, olives, garlic, cucumber and leek.

Start with the patties. About a pound of ground meat (50/50 beef and pork), an egg, a dollop of tomato paste, a pinch of salt, some frozen parsley, a generous helping of black pepper and an industrial amount of crushed garlic. Mix thoroughly and set aside for later.

Potatoes all scrubbed and cut up and put in water with salt and a couple of cloves of garlic.

This is what a closeup photo of a vinaigrette looks like. Oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, dried thyme, sage and tarragon. Later, when the potatoes are cooked, mash the garlic from that pot and stir it into the dressing. before tipping the actual salad in.

I suspect that I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver a bit too much lately. I usually pile stuff up neatly on the cutting board for photos. Not so much this time, since summer food is usually about getting everything chopped up and thrown together before the dinner guests in the garden have guzzled down the whole bag-in-box. But this is about as rustic as I can manage, because I like my neat piles and julienned carrots.

Next it’s time to pat the patties into shape. Making eight patties from 575 grams of mixture, serving two per person is just about right with such a rich salad.

A proper barbecue is of course preferred, but since I don’t have one, the grill pan will have to do.

Salad put together and tossed. I don’t think I’ve ever sprinkled cheese crumbles over a salad before, so I obviously need to lay off the Jamie Oliver shows…

Also, my photography skills are obviously a bit rusty. A horrendously off-target photo like this wouldn’t usually make it to the blog, but I only took one frame of the assembled dish. It’s still tasty though.

The Rice Pancake Experiment

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The preparation and consumption of the dish for my last blog post about beef stew yielded a certain amount of left over rice which I decided to have for lunch the next day. As noon drew nearer I pondered on the matter of making yesterday’s rice more fun. Pancakes are usually fun. I went with the idea.

Since most people know how to make pancakes, there’s no real need for a lot of photos in this post. I mixed (with a hand blender) about two cups of cooked jasmine rice with a cup of milk, three eggs and about half a cup of wheat flour. Add salt, pepper and such. Let the batter rest for some time, then fry as usual.

I added the flour because I suspected that without it the pancakes wouldn’t hold together well enough. I don’t know if I was correct but I probably was. Blending more thoroughly than I did would of course make the batter smoother, allowing for thinner pancakes – which in turn means shorter cooking time. I’m thinking that the whiteness of these pancakes when not browned compared to common flour pancakes is rather striking and an interesting visual feature .

Rice pancakes, served with sliced mushroom, a leaf of red cabbage, sour cream and black pepper. As with regular pancakes, adding different stuff enables serving as either first course, dessert or anything else basically.

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